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There are a lot of great restaurants in Anacortes. ¬†One of our favorites is the Brown Lantern pub: very casual, great fish & chips and fish tacos. ¬†Anthony’s has a good selection of seafood...
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If your question is not answered here, please call for more information between 9 am and 9 pm Pacific time.  

2301  21st Street, Anacortes WA  360.293.4920

 Q: How far are you from the ferry?
A: About 3 miles

Q: How far are you from downtown?
A: About a mile. We are on a hill so it’s an uphill walk back.

Q: Do you allow smoking in the gardens?
A: Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises. 
Q: Do all guest rooms have a gas fireplace?
A: Yes.  In the summer we turn off the pilot lights but will turn them on if you wish.

Q: Do you take small dogs?
A: Unfortunately, no. There are pet care facilities on the island.

Q: May we bring our newborn?
A: Though we all love children, many of our guests have hired babysitters and are looking forward to a quiet “adults only” weekend, so we do not offer accommodation for babies or small children. 

Q: May we bring our older children?
A: Our rooms each have only one bed, and accommodate only two people. We can accommodate a child over 14 if he/she shares the room with one parent.

Q: Do you have king size beds?
A: All our beds are over 100 years old and have been converted to queen size. 
Q: What time do you serve breakfast?
A: Between 8:30 and 9:30; you pick your time the night before.
Q: What if we have to leave too early for an 8:30 o'clock breakfast?
A: We'll give you a "to go" breakfast, usually a croissant sandwich (eggs, cheese, ham or bacon) with fruit, banana bread, juice and coffee.  We must have 24 hours notice for a "to go" breakfast.
Q: Can we get coffee or tea before breakfast?
A: Yes, in the sunroom if you let us know the night before.  The electric tea kettle may be used at any time. We have a good selection of teas.
Q: May we have breakfast in bed?
A: Breakfast is only served in the dining room.  We ask that you not eat meals in the bedrooms.  Our sunroom is a perfect place to enjoy a snack.
Q: What if I have special dietary requirements?
A: If you tell us at the time you make your reservation we will attempt to accommodate you.

Q: What if I can’t arrive between your check in hours of 3 and 9?
A: Tell us when you make your reservation and we will try to work with you.  We cannot accommodate any arrivals after 10 p.m. except for multiple night stays.
Q:  May we arrive an hour or so early or leave an hour or so late?
A:  Sorry, no.  We clean very thoroughly between guests, and need all the time between our 11am checkout and our 3pm check-in.  In some cases you may leave luggage before check-in, ask when you make your reservation.
Q: If we are staying there do we have to be in at a certain time at night (like a curfew)?
A:  No, when you check in we give you the door code so that you can come and go as you please.

Q: Are there certain hours for using the jetted tub?
A: Yes, because the motors of these tubs are noisy, we ask that you not turn them on after 10 p.m.

Q: Are there hair dryers in the rooms?
A: Yes.
Q: Do you have off-street parking?
A: Yes.
Q: May we recharge our electric car?
A: Not at Autumn Leaves, but there are 3 charging stations in town (at the hospital, Walgreen's and the car dealership).
Q: Do you have somewhere we can put bicycles overnight?
A: Yes, our garage.
Q: Do you have any handicap accessible rooms?
A: Regrettably, no.  There are steps to the front door and all the bedrooms are upstairs.
Q: Will you do an online airport check-in for me?
A:  Yes.
Q: Will my room have an alarm clock?  free wi-fi?  cable TV?
A:  Yes, yes and yes.

Q: Is there an iron in the room?
A: No, for insurance/liability reasons we do not have laundry facilities or irons for guest use.
Q: Is there a refrigerator in the room?
A:  No, we have no refrigerators for guest use, and the health department does not allow us to store your food (even leftovers) in our refrigerator.  The only exception is medications or unopened wine.   
Q: Is there a microwave we can use?
A: No, there are no facililties for guests to prepare food or to cook anything.  We will make you coffee or tea, or you may make your own in the sunroom.  There are many restaurants in Anacortes, in every price range.
Q: What is a typical breakfast?
A: We ask your preferences/allergies and plan accordingly:  Hot beverage, juice, fruit and/or yogurt, a hot dish and perhaps a breakfast dessert.  Maybe blueberry pecan French toast with scrambled eggs and bacon, or an egg casserole with ham or sausage and  lemon crepes.  Or fluffy waffles with berry sauce and whipped cream.  The possibilities are endless.  Tell us your favorites when you make your reservation.
Q:  Is there much to do in Anacortes, or should we plan to go to one of the other islands?
A:  There are so many things to do in Anacortes you will probably run out of time before you do a fraction of them.  See Things to Do in Anacortes 
Q:  Do you have any special packages for anniversary or birthday or honeymoon?
A:  We have several, ranging from $20-90.  See  These may include flowers, chocolates, cheese and crackers, chilled juice (or your champagne), Autumn Leaves wine glasses. Order at least 24 hours ahead.
Q:  Could you have champagne in our room for us?
A:  No, we do not have a liquor license.  Bring your own and we'll put it in a champagne bucket and provide glasses for you to use.  Also Compass Wines in Anacortes (360.293.6500) will deliver wine free.